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The goal of the our pain treatment team is to help YOU live YOUR healthiest life possible by easing pain symptoms and restoring function and movement. Our pain management physicians are anesthesiologists, interventional radiologists, and physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists.

Together, our board certified pain management clinical team are the “backbone” of our non-operative spine-care program. The team uses state-of-the-art techniques – including medication and innovative procedures – to help ease pain symptoms caused by a number of different conditions. A wide range of precision diagnostic tools, advanced procedures, and innovative therapies are used to design treatment plans that are customized to our patients’ specific needs.

Most Advanced Non-Surgical Pain Treatment Center

We are a dedicate team of Board Certified Interventional Pain Management physicians and health care providers that offer minimally invasive treatments to reduce or eliminate pain. Wisconsin Spine & Pain is trusted by 1000’s of patients from Wisconsin, Illinois and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

We offer treatment for all major chronic pain conditions like back pain, slipped disc, sciatic pain, knee pain, joint pains, arthritis, neuralgic pain, headaches and migraine headaches. If you are experiencing any pain we invite you to come and see us.

Please book an appointment on the home page or text or call us at 833-821-PAIN (7246) today.

Utilizing the latest and most advanced pain treatment modalities

Pain Doctors is a complex and ever-changing specialty where new modalities are developed and tested out continuous. We make sure to use the latest and most advanced clinically-proven pain management techniques to treat your pain without surgery. We employ the most advanced modalities available globally like ozone discectomy, radiofrequency lesioning, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, spinal cord stimulator implant, intrathecal pump implant and vertebroplasty.

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Wisconsin Spine and Pain, the goal of our pain treatment is to help our patients live their healthiest lives possible by easing pain symptoms and restoring function and movement.